Righteous Cheese Wants YOU!

Are you a cheesemonger or cheese lover looking for a home? Righteous Cheese is DC’s most exciting, bustling cheese shop, located in Union Market, and is seeking a cheese lover to join our management ranks.

Us: An artisanal cheese shop offering unique, uncommon handmade cheeses made locally and around the world. We always approach cheese with reverence but don’t take ourselves too seriously. However, we do have the highest standards for our products and ourselves.

You:  excellent customer service, make customers laugh, love to learn, hardworking, can hustle your behind when necessary, task-oriented, very friendly and easy to get along with, loads of enthusiasm even under pressure, a great team player with a positive attitude, and most importantly –  passionate about food!

 Members of our management team need to be strong multi-taskers; be able to work both independently and within a team; and have excellent organization & communication skills in order to manage staff.

The job: Our management team handles new staff training, ordering, product development, inventory management, social media – and of course, cheesemongering. We are looking to hire an assistant manager to eventually develop into a senior manager. We value staffers that come in with a positive attitude every day and are excited about the artisan cheese industry. As a young business in a bustling market, our entire staff needs to be flexible, adaptable, and be able to think & move quickly.

This is a full-time position that requires at least one year experience. The position requires the physical ability to lift 50 lb wheels of cheese as well as be on your feet for the entire shift. ** This position REQUIRES weekend availability, every weekend **

Do not apply if: you think that all you will do is hang around and taste cheese all day, or if you think this job will be easy. It will not. You will get to taste as much cheese as you’d like, but there’s plenty of hard work as well. There will be times that you’ll be seriously annoyed with difficult customers, and maybe your back will hurt, but you’ll have to maintain a sunny disposition. You will be required to learn a lot of information on cheese/wine/beer and know it backwards and forwards. You will have to sweep and do dishes every day. You will become an expert at wrapping and rewrapping cheeses the Righteous Way. But you’ll have a great time with our crew, go on an occasional field trip, and learn a lot about the world of cheese, wine and craft beer – as well as gain experience that is tough to get elsewhere.

If this sounds absolutely amazing to you, please email jobs@righteouscheese.com with resume and cover letter/email explaining why you’d like to join our team! No phone calls please.

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