Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cabot Clothbound :: It’s…too sexy for its cloth

We’ve got a regular rotation of four cheddar cheeses at the shop, and the constant favorite seems to be our Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. It’s the nuttiest, sweetest, and the most complex of the bunch – think caramelized onions or pan drippings – with a thick, sweet, and savory quality that’s hard to resist. It’s not super creamy like our Beecher’s cheddar, but certainly not fall-apart crumbly like the Isle of Mull. It’s not the tangiest, but still manages to …

Sunday, SUNDAY, Sunday :: CheeseBowl 2013

Some of us are avid football fans that have been waiting for Superbowl Sunday since October. Some of us want to see what kind of hip shaking and hair flipping Beyonce has in store (so much!). And some of us just like watching men run around in tight white pants. Regardless of why you’ll be tuning into the Superbowl this Sunday, we hope your game-time watch party is replete with a few good beers and plenty of indulgent snacks.

In Blue We Trust :: Bayley Hazen Blue Dip

This Sunday marks the only day of the year where Blue Cheese Dip, Nachos, Buffalo Wings, Seven Layer Dip, and Bud Light comprise an appropriate dinner menu.

While Nachos and Buffalo Wings are getting their appropriate amount of spotlight time around the web this week, we here at Righteous Cheese prefer to, naturally, feature something with a little more of a subtle kick.

Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese Dip

adapted from this recipe

2 1/2 …