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Battle Fromage – Cheesemonger vs Beemster XO Gouda

Every now and then, we get involved in a heated cheese battle. Last week, the Beemster XO Gouda really brought the power.

The Beemster XO Gouda is one of our most popular cheeses, and requires a new wheel to be opened almost every week. You may recognize it from its bright orange interior, crunchy texture and sweet, toffee-like flavor. Weighing in at 20-25 lbs, its not the heaviest beast on the counter, but definitely the toughest to cut into with …

Keen’s Cheddar and IPA :: A Royal Duo

India Pale Ales have quickly risen the ranks to be one of the most popular craft beers styles today. Notoriously hard to pair with cheese, IPAs are the perfect match for strong, sharp Cheddars – and both hail originally from Britain to boot!

Keen’s Cheddar has been made by the Keen family at Moorhayes Farm near Wincanton, Somerset since 1898.

This raw cow’s milk cheese, aged for 12-18 months, is a true British farmhouse cheddar – it’s produced in Somerset, …