Battle Fromage – Cheesemonger vs Beemster XO Gouda

Every now and then, we get involved in a heated cheese battle. Last week, the Beemster XO Gouda really brought the power.

monica approaches the Beemster with courage

monica approaches the Beemster with courage

The Beemster XO Gouda is one of our most popular cheeses, and requires a new wheel to be opened almost every week. You may recognize it from its bright orange interior, crunchy texture and sweet, toffee-like flavor. Weighing in at 20-25 lbs, its not the heaviest beast on the counter, but definitely the toughest to cut into with our wire contraptions.

too close to call!

making progress, but that Beemster is tough!

Hailing from the quiet, canal-lined pastures of North Holland (in Middenbeemster), this cheese is crafted using the original techniques from the founders of the Beemster Polder Cheese Co-op since 1901. Its rich, caramelized, nutty flavor comes from the 2-year aging period that the cheese undergoes.

monica falters...

uh oh, monica starts to lose faith


...and the Beemster wins

and the Beemster looks like its winning

That 2-year aging is also responsible for the ever-popular crunchy bits in this cheese. Those crunchy bits are simply protein (in cheese, the protein is called casein), which crystallizes when cheese is aged for a long time. You’ll find the same pockets of crunch in Parm and Gruyère! However, it’s also that loooong 2-year aging that makes the cheese so firm, and so difficult to break into.

monica beemster 6

…the cheesemonger always prevails!

monica beemster 5

but at Righteous Cheese…










As it’s one of our customers’ favoritest cheeses, we’re often asked what we recommend pairing with Beemster. Aged Gouda is a cheese with a big flavor profile, and needs a wine big enough to match. We like a cabernet or Bordeaux blend, zinfandel, or even a rich, nutty tawny port. Throw in some crunchy, salty marcona almonds and you’ve got quite the snack!

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3 Responses to Battle Fromage – Cheesemonger vs Beemster XO Gouda

  1. J. says:

    personally i only pair gouda this old with heavy beers like trappist triples, quadruples or barleywines. and i should know, i’m dutch!
    (then again, you’re the kaasboer around here so who am i to disagree?

  2. Richard says:

    I’m not Dutch but peated single malt Scottish whiskeys like Laphroaig also seem to go really well with extra mature Gouda’s.

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