Burrata, Behind-the-Scenes

Recently, our mongers had the chance to learn how to make one of our favorite cheeses – burrata! Thanks to the good people at Osteria Morini, we were able to get a first-hand look at their in-house process for making burrata, and we even got to try to make some ourselves. Here are the most important things we learned:

1) Burrata is pretty much just curds and cream

Given that some of our mongers eat burrata straight with a spoon, we felt pretty conflicted by this information…


2) To make burrata, you need to stretch (literally!)

The key ingredient in burrata is stracciatella, a mix of curds and cream. Straccia in Italian literally means “to shred”, which means as you mix the two ingredients, you have to shred the curds apart, creating super-long strings of stracciatella.

Burrata52 Burrata2


3) Mixing curds and cream is harder than it looks

The perfect stracciatella is made by combining the hot curds and cold cream in a quick yet steady manner. While our Osteria Morini expert-chef, Zack, made this process seem effortless, our team was quickly tuckered out by the speed at which this process must be done. The curds will become stiff as they’re cooled by the cream, meaning you must work quickly to pull them apart. Needless to say, our arms were exhausted by the end of the day!

Burrata3 Burrata8

4) Practice makes perfect

Despite our difficulties, we couldn’t feel too bad about our straccia abilities. Zack has a lot of practice perfecting his stracciatella technique; Osteria Morini makes over 22 pints of stracciatella, twice per week! That’s a lot of stretching.

Burrata4 1Burrata8


burrata and tomatoesAre you a burrata fanatic too? Osteria Morini always has a seasonal variation on their menu, and we’ve gots tons of info if you’d like to learn more about the burrata making process, or explore our favorite burrata recipes.


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