Cheese & Craft Beer for the Great Outdoors

Thursday May 11th :: 7 pm

Springtime is just made for picnics, and the ideal outdoor spread begs for delicious cheese, matched accompaniments, and refreshing beers to bring out their best. But what to bring? Which pairings will make your grand al fresco adventure delightful and which will just rain on your parade? Our springtime class is the perfect opportunity to plan your next porch session or date in the park.

Yes Way Rosé! Pairing Cheese & Pink Wine

Thursday April 20th, May 18th, & June 1st :: 7 pm

This is not your grandma’s white zinfandel: dry, herbaceous, bright and rich pink wines are a match made in heaven with a broad range of springtime cheeses. These wines have a range and complexity that goes well beyond the expected. We’ll match four cheese and pink wines in this class exploring both old-world and new-world pairings that are perfect for al fresco dining.

Sweet Bounty: Pairing Cheese, Wine & Honey

Thursday June 15th :: 7 pm

Good honey goes well beyond what comes in the ubiquitous plastic bear. From honeycomb to creamed honey to raw single floral source honey: they can be as complex as wine – and all happen to be killer accompaniments for spring and summer cheeses. Join us at this class to learn about how to pair different styles of honey with delicious wines and the best seasonal artisanal cheeses.

American Beauty: USA’s Best Cheese & Craft Beer

Thursday July 13th :: 7 pm

No longer does Europe claim dominance – artisanal cheeses and beers produced stateside these days are unparalleled. We’re happily celebrating Independence Day by feasting on the goods from our favorite cheesemakers and craft beer producers in the US – from Vermont to Indiana to Wisconsin. Come taste unique, best-of-class American artisan cheeses alongside perfectly paired summer American craft beers. U-S-A!

Raw Milk Appreciation Day

Saturday April 22nd

Did you know that half of the cheeses on our counter are made from raw milk? These cheeses are not only super complex and delicious, but have enormous health benefit. Traditional cheese lovers the whole world over have cause to celebrate on April 22nd, 2017, the 3rd Annual Raw-Milk Cheese Appreciation Day. Righteous Cheese will be joining hundreds of cheese producers and retailers in celebration by highlighting the raw milk cheeses on our counter in order to help you create your own raw milk cheese board or tasting party. Join us to learn all about the benefits of raw milk cheese and to support the #RawMilkCheese movement!