DIY Melty Cheese Kit

If you’ve ever tried to make a grilled cheese with an artisanal cheddar, you know the results are… less than the melty deliciousness you’ve come to expect. Cheeses that aren’t natural melters can separate and get a bit oily. Finding an artisanal cheese to melt as well as American-style cheese can be tricky, which is why we at Righteous Cheese have come up with a solution!

Our DIY Melty Cheese Kits can be used to make any non-melting cheese into the deliciously pliable, melty cheese of your dreams. We tried it out so you can see exactly how this works:


Lightly oiled cookie sheet

Step One:
Lightly oil a baking sheet and stick it in a preheated oven.

Alternatively, use a silicone mat (without oil). Make sure the oven is preheated to the lowest setting possible.

Helpful Hint: Very lightly oil the pan by rubbing oil on with a paper towel.



Mix water and Melty Cheese Kit.

Mix water and Melty Cheese Kit.

Step Two:
Mix 2 oz of water (other liquids can be used instead, such as beer or wine) and your DIY Melty Cheese Kit. Stir until dissolved. Bring to a simmer in a pot over medium heat.


Helpful Hint: Make sure you take into account the water content of your cheese, and adjust the water accordingly. High moisture = less water.



Grate 1/2 lb of your favorite cheese.

1/2 lb of artisanal cheese, grated

Step Three:
Grate ½ lb of whatever cheese you’d like. After you’re comfortable with the basic recipe, feel free to add flavorings as well!

Our suggestions:
♦ whole grain mustard
♦ fresh or dried chilis
♦ roasted garlic
♦ caramelized onions
♦  other herbs/spices.



Slowly & thoroughly mix in cheese

Step Four:
Gradually add your grated cheese to the simmering water.
Make sure each addition is completely melted and smooth before adding the next cup of cheese.
An immersion blender will be super helpful for this!


Helpful Hint:
Make sure to mix quickly and thoroughly after each addition.



Pour melted cheese onto oiled cookie tray.

Pour melted cheese onto oiled baking sheet.

Step Five:
Pour the liquid cheese onto the warmed baking sheet to form an even layer.

Helpful Hint: Pour the cheese into the pan immediately after taking it off of the heat. It needs to remain as hot as possible so that it doesn’t congeal before it is in place.
Tilt the baking sheet if necessary to even out the cheese layer.

Step Six: Cover and stick in the fridge until firm & set, at least two hours.




We call it: Manchegoveeta.

We call it: Manchegoveeta.

Step Seven: Cut into slices and enjoy!

We used ours to make a deliciously gooey grilled cheese. But you can also use the melty cheese on:
♦ cheeseburgers
♦ quesadillas
♦ in dips (such as classic queso dip)
♦ on egg/breakfast sandwiches
♦ or whatever else calls for a delicious layer of melted cheese!

To Keep: Layer slices with parchment paper to prevent sticking, and store in fridge or freezer.


Make your favorite cheesey-recipe.

Make your favorite cheesey-recipe.

Mmmm, melty.

Mmmm, melty.


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