Righteous Cheese Wants YOU!

CuttingCheeseGifPhotos-21 croppedAre you a cheesemonger or cheese lover looking for a home? Righteous Cheese is  seeking a cheese lover to join our crew.

Us: An artisanal cheese venture offering unique, uncommon handmade cheeses made locally and around the world. We always approach cheese with reverence but don’t take ourselves too seriously. However, we do have the highest standards for our products and ourselves.

♦ excellent customer service skills
♦ make customers laugh
♦ love to learn
♦ hardworking
♦ can hustle your behind when necessary
♦ task-oriented
♦ very friendly and easy to get along with
♦ loads of enthusiasm even under pressure
♦ a great team player with a positive attitude
♦ and most importantly – passionate about food and service

Members of our team need to be strong multi-taskers; be able to work both independently and within a team; and have excellent organization & communication skills in order to work with staff and customers.

Follow the link below for the position that meets your scheduling needs and level of experience:

⇒ Full-time, experience required (none available at this time)
⇒ Weekend only, no experience required (none available at this time)