The Ultimate Every-Type-of-Mother Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, Mother’s Day gifts tend to be pretty boring. Mom either gets stuck with a sappy Hallmark card or some frou-frou lotion. For all Moms do, don’t they deserve something a littler more exciting?

We think Moms deserve something fun, something unique, something (dare we say it?) cheesy. So here is our guide to gifts tailor-made to fit whichever Mom you’re celebrating (even the four-legged ones).

The First-Time Mom


.Cheese & Craft Beer/Wine Class

($49.00 ea) – At this point, don’t you both need a night out? Celebrate each other at one of our cheese & craft beer or wine classes, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste 4 of our favorite brews or wines and 4 favorite artisanal cheeses. Hire a babysitter and make it a date night to talk about something besides the baby for a few hours – you’ll leave with a fully belly and a fully brain as you learn how to pair on your own!

The Mother-in-Law


cheese and honey basketCheese and Honey

($74.99) – Finally get on your Mother-in-Law’s good side with this impossible-to-hate, sweet-and-salty gift basket. These raw, unprocessed honeys posses a superior aroma and rich flavor. They are super-versatile and will last well beyond when the last of the cheese has been devoured!

The Mother of Your Children


The Picnic Collection

($34.99$64.99) – Relish the delightful May weather with the whole family and our Picnic Collection. Our cheesemongers have assembled everything you need for the perfect picnic: cheese, fruit, olives, crackers, knife, and small cheese board. The cheeses we’ve selected are ideal for enjoying al fresco, the accompaniments are perfectly paired – it couldn’t be easier for you to enjoy the great outdoors!

The Mother of Your Pets (Figuratively)

American Cheese Tote

($23.99) – This cute and durable cheese tote is perfect to help her transport all her pet-essentials: the toys, the treats, the water. (And hopefully some cheese goodies for herself too!)

The Mother of Your Pets (Literally)


Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuits

(Logan Hardware) – These CHEESE flavored treats will make your dogg-o go wild. They’re organic, healthy, and even called Little Cheese Monger. Could they be any more adorable? Available at Logan Hardware: 1734 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009


The New-in-Town Mom


Righteous Brunch Collection

($49.99-$89.99) – The just-relocated mom needs a playdate to remember so she can get IN with the local #MomSquad. Our Brunch Collection has all the right cheeses, jams and treats to set off any brunch and make her the star of the late morning/early afternoon show – just add bubbly.

The Busy Mom


Cheese Platter

($69.00-129.00) – She does it all, and doesn’t she deserve a break? Make it easy for her to entertain, feed the kids, or eat it all herself by getting her a ready-to-go cheese platter, with some of the most delicious seasonal cheeses our shop has to offer.

Your Own Amazing Mom


Cheese of the Month Club

($245.00-960.00) – Send your one-of-a-kind mother a monthly reminder of your love with our hand-selected, one-of-a-kind favorites! Three different cheeses on her doorstep every month is way better than that soap you were planning on buying for her. Trust us.


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